Fall 2022 Recruitment Callout

Phi Kappa Tau

Lambda | Purdue

Why Us? 

Phi Tau Purdue was a true brotherhood with the goal of lifting up each other and others in our community. 

Through Leadership, Service, and Brotherhood members are able to make a genuine impact on the community.

What did we do?

Leadership, Philanthropy, Community Service, Brotherhood, and Social Events.


Phi Kappa Tau is affiliated with The SeriousFun Children's Network. Throughout the year our chapter creates several unique benefit events that help provide opportunities for children who are unable to experience a traditional childhood experience. If you are interested in participating in one of our events feel free to view our calendar!


Each member was committed to their organization and to their life long brothers. We were a diverse group of young men that strove to have a positive impact on themselves and others. 

Community Service

Our chapter was devoted to helping our community in any way we can. Throughout the year Phi Tau Purdue participated in many events that greatly benefit several different local groups. Each member would have been expected to achieve a high amount of community service hours that they will complete with meaningful work with other brothers.

There were a few big events that we participate annually in such as Purdue Space Day, Winterization, Spring Clean Up, and MLK Day of Service.

New member Program

All new associated members engaged in a 6 week program to fully immerse themselves within the brotherhood, legacy, and culture of Phi Kappa Tau.

Does the brotherhood have my best interest in mind as a new member?

We used to pride ourselves on making sure that each new member is as comfortable as possible. There might be no hazing within our organization. Furthermore, Phi Kappa Tau is proud to be absent from the Purdue Student Organizational Disciplinary List

What was expected of me as a new member?

There are weekly sessions that will begin to introduce you to the brotherhood of the past and present.  There are weekly Sunday chapter meetings that inform all members of the happenings of the chapter. Each new member is also expected to pay a small fee which entirely is allocated for insurance.

Will new member meetings conflict with my school work?

The times of new member orientation meetings will be entirely dependent on your schedule. Nothing in our organization will conflict your personal obligations or beliefs. Completing school work is even encouraged at our weekly Study Tables which you are welcome to take apart of.

We hold our new members as well as our established members to a level of high academic excellence. Phi Kappa Tau Lambda Purdue is proud to have one of the highest new member GPAs.


Where is your house?

One of the things that separates our chapter from the stereotype of a "typical fraternity" is our lack of a house. This allows us to explore our individuality as people and as a chapter. We are free from the chaotic nature of a group of young men living under one roof. A large part of our organization is centered around on-campus events which allow us to explore and take full advantage of The University. If you so do choose members of course are able to become not only brothers, but roommates. Members of the Phi Kappa Tau Lambda can be found living everywhere around campus so no matter where you are you always have a place to hang out!

Drugs and Alcohol

There might be no circumstances in which you will be forced or pressured to consume any substance whatsoever. You will never be forced into any humiliating or demoralizing situations that will conflict with your honor as a man. Brothers who participate in of these action will have their membership with our organization terminated. 

"The Mission of Phi Kappa Tau is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character." Each brother lives by these words and we put them into everything we do.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact an executive!